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Finishing Lines

Under this designation include all types of Automated sites of control, finishing and packing of steel industry products, putout rolling mill, stretching and shaping. The main concerns products such as, round, bars, round and square rectangular elliptical tubes etc…(the diameter of bars 8 to 300mm, length 2 to 12 meters– tubes diameter 30 to 406mm, length 2 to 25 meters).

Eriem offers the design and integration of all types of finishing machines within automated systems allowing the testing and finishing of products satisfied the clients’ standards requests before delivery.

These machines including:

  • The devilry, LA transfer on package, accumulation, disentangling and transfer bar one by one.
  • Testing for surface defects, sorting by nuance, length measurement, diameter measurement.
  • Automatic positioning by numerical command of the length buffers.
  • Sawing unit or on bunch.
  • Strengthening and chamfering
  • Packing(Mise en nappe, bunch, weighing and automatic strapping.)

All equipment involved in the functionality required by these projects are either purchased from specialist manufacturers or specific of Eriem design (chamfering, chainsaw...).

The electric wiring and automation of this equipment is an integral part of the turn key service.



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