Means at our disposal

INDUSTEAM has created a structure to benefit from specialists in various domains. These specialists can manage projects from start to finish in their particular specialty. Industeam has a partnership with a 30 000m2 mechanical manufacturing workshop in Romania. On this site, Industeam has a workshop dedicated to its own projects allowing product quality control and validation before on-site installation.


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A - Industeam

  • Administration services : 13, out of which 5 directors and managers
  • Project Managers : 11
  • Foremen : 28
  • Site workers : 103 personnes
    • 8 mechanical supervisors for sites abroad
    • 3 automated systems supervisors for sites abroad

Making a total of 155 full time staff.

Industeam realizes an average of 310 000 h of on-site services using its own means and those of its external partners.


B - Eriem

The Project Office is made up of :

  • 5 Engineers
  • 4 Mechanical techniciens
  • 5 Draftsmen
  • 1 Technicien in automated systems
  • 1 Buyer
  • 1 Administrative assistant

Making a total of 17 full time staff.