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Special Machines

Listening to the client and adapting to his needs are an integral part of the role of an Engineering Design Office such as ERIEM. Special machines are designed by ERIEM to be integrated into production lines and to meet the particular and individual requirements of the final client.

Accordingly, special machines are developed resulting from combined collaboration with our Clients’ technical services.

We can cite as examples :

In the Steel Industry

  • Skittle laying machines for convertors, machines to drill casting holes.
  • Systems for cylinder brushing, for belt insertion, for belt blowing, side scrapers.
  • Equipments of disassembly and assemble of rolling mill cylinder chocks.

In the Aeronautical Industry

  • Modifications to the presses that shape parts of the fuselage

In the Tire Industry

  • Machines that semi automatically fit tire membranes

In the Power Generating Industry

  • Tools to maintain the command mechanisms for the reactor cover