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A new industrial milestone heralding a greater competitive advantage.

On 1 October 2021, a new subsidiary was created in a bid to reinforce the Industeam Group's industrial potential. Industeam East Europe can be credited to a Shareholder's Agreement forged with EMSIL Group, a manufacturer of large-scale machine tools and heavy industrial projects based in Oradea, Northern Romania.

Industeam East Europe has become the Industeam Group's industrial production arm for mechanical components and piping. This development heralds a new milestone in the Group's strategy of bringing its production assets in-house.

Since its creation in 2006, Industeam has established a track record of collaborating with other companies in Romania, but exclusively as part of subcontracting arrangements.

This move effectively means that the Group is insourcing the entire production chain for its projects, including studies, fabrication, assembly and commissioning in such fields as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automated systems and piping. The aim is to throw off the shackles of its dependency on its subcontractors' health, production load and changes by bringing the quality of its services and delivery times back under control.

This operation will also enable the Group to offer competitive prices and flexibility for its projects in a bid to maintain the Group's appeal, especially for its international projects.

Resources and assets

The Industeam East Europe production workshop is based in Aiud near the major industrial centre of Cluj. The 20,000 m² site includes 12,000 m² of covered workshops and features a broad array of production machinery for manufacturing mechanically welded parts and producing prefabricated industrial pipes. The workshop's manufacturing equipment also includes a sandblasting and painting booth.

Approximately 60 people represent the site's management and production potential.

Work is currently underway to build an area for preassembling industrial production lines. This will create a secure 1,200 m² area exclusively reserved for these operations. These test facilities will provide an opportunity for training the local teams on how to carry out these activities, so that they can ultimately install the equipment at our international customers' plants.

The workforce comprises a mix of French and Romanian teams in charge of managing and coordinating projects, as well as overseeing the quality and safety of our production processes. As a testament to our many years of experience in supporting our previous subcontractors, the teams are already up and running.

The Aiud workshop can also leverage the production assets of Emsil's workshop in Cluj for producing oversize mechanically welded parts.

A new range of services

This subsidiary ushers in a wealth of new possibilities for the Industeam Group to deliver services in its existing markets as well as future markets.

Industeam East Europe now covers the Group's Electricity & Automated Systems activities with the ability to produce its own electrical cabinets and networks. The same applies to the Group's hydraulic activities with the design and production of hydraulic power units in all capacities, as well as the manufacture of pressurised vessels and vacuum chambers.

In Industeam's preferred sectors of industry, namely Energy, the Group can leverage the large-scale manufacturing equipment in the Cluj workshop to produce alternator enclosures and supporting structures for turbine bodies.

In the Railway sector, the Group's machine tools open up new horizons for machining railway vehicle chassis as well as bearing and traction systems.

The Industeam Group also has the ability to manufacture oversize parts and all types of spares for the Steel and Cement industries.

The creation of Industeam East Europe represents a new start in the Industeam Group's development.

Setting up training for Industeam East Europe employees

Efforts are currently focusing on creating a learning centre with ties to the vocational college in Aiud, bearing in mind that Romania believes in maintaining a strong tradition in mechanical trades unlike Western Europe. French safety trainers will be dispatched to the centre, and French lessons will be provided to reinforce the professionalism of this qualified talent pipeline and labour pool for serving the Group's international customers.

The Industeam Group's safety and quality managers will be mobilised to quickly bring the site's employees up to the required standards as we strive to meet our customers' needs. Project management and technology specialists will also bring their expertise as part of the training programme for the site's production managers.