The Group was created in October 2006 in Luxembourg by Thierry Franceschetti.

Four employees in the beginning – Takeover of a maintenance company – CMI Maintenance Luxembourg – Nine people and €700k in revenue.

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Creation of INDUSTEAM France (assembly and maintenance of industrial equipment) based in Thionville.

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Takeover of ERIEM (mechanical design consultancy) located in Heillecourt and created in 1979.

This company has forged a reputation for its experience in designing automated handling equipment for the steel industry.

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Creation of the Energy Maintenance Department and implementation of the necessary approvals and qualifications for performing maintenance activities at shutdown nuclear power plants.

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Creation of INDUSTEAM Services by integrating the structures and resources of ALC (industrial transfer and maintenance) and WALLERICH (structural steelwork) taken over by the INDUSTEAM Group.

Company based in Thionville and specialising in mechanical maintenance, sheet metal work and structural steelwork.

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Creation of INDUSTEAM Nord (takeover of Rogliano) based in Calais.

Creation of the affiliated INDUSTEAM Automation subsidiary based in Leulinghem.

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Creation of INDUSTEAM Flandres in Corbehem (takeover of Sommet's activities).

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Creation of secondary establishment INDUSTEAM Services in Colmar.

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Acquisition of EUROPE ENVIRONNEMENT (industrial piping) located within the INDUSTEAM Group's head office in Frisange.

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Takeover of SFAMAC (machining and sheet metal workshop) based in Audun-Le-Roman.

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Takeover of ALCYON Industries (industrial piping, maintenance and manufacture of production parts) based in Offendorf.

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Merger of INDUSTEAM Services with INDUSTEAM France and INDUSTEAM Flandres with INDUSTEAM Nord.

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Acquisition of a new head office in Bettembourg (Luxembourg).

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Buy out of D.S.D. Luxembourg, Imecolux and Secometal.

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Merger of Europe Environnement, D.S.D. Luxembourg and Imecolux with Industeam SA.

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SECOMETAL MMI dissolved on June 30, 2021 following a partial demerger in favor of INDUSTEAM NORD, INDUSTEAM France & ALCYON.

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Creation of INDUSTEAM EAST EUROPE - Machining, Manufacturing, Assembly - Located in AIUD in ROMANIA.

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Effort - Sharing - Respect

The INDUSTEAM Group's development is powered by a workforce featuring different profiles and backgrounds with whom we are keen to share the values and drive that characterise our actions.

A taste for hard work and effort with the assignment of responsibilities associated with training and personal development for all employees. The main aim is to prove to our customers how every tier in the Group's companies is committed to ensuring their satisfaction. Many driving forces fuel the Group's external growth initiatives, including new skills which represent a stimulus for sharpening the organisation's competitive edge.

Sharing an organisational culture that promotes hard work, a sense of responsibility and attention to well-being and other people's safety. This philosophy builds team spirit and plays a key role in successfully leading our customers' projects.

Respect for our personal commitments, for management's and project leaders' strategic directions, for site guidelines, and for the operating and ethical rules that are disseminated and regularly reiterated.

All these values are enshrined in our CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility), which reflects the Group's continual commitment to act and behave in a responsible manner by factoring social, environmental and ethical concerns and considerations into its business operations.

For the last five years, this commitment has been continually audited by consultancy EcoVadis, which assesses and rates the quality of a company's commitment in this particular area (often at the request of major corporate customers). The INDUSTEAM Group's score is in the 10% of highest ranked companies out of all the organisations audited worldwide by EcoVadis.

A CSR-oriented company

A company's success is not only measured by its bottom line performance. Its consideration for social issues can carve the company a firm foothold in its local environment and bring credibility to its actions by delivering assistance to motivating projects.

Association Rafaël Lorraine

The INDUSTEAM Group has partnered the Rafaël Lorraine Association for a few years now. This association aims to allow children suffering from cancerous diseases to express their wishes and, if possible, see their dreams come true by taking part in activities that help them forget their disease and everyday life in the hospital.

In addition to consistently lending financial support to Rafaël Lorraine, INDUSTEAM organises exceptional events, such as aerial displays and meetings with Patrouille de France and Rafale test pilots, private tours of Amnéville Zoo and animal feeding sessions involving both children under treatment and children of INDUSTEAM's employees.

INDUSTEAM is extremely proud to be associated with this tremendous cause.

Organisation chart

To date, the Group has 850 permanent employees and generates revenue of €85 million.

Thierry Franceschetti is the sole shareholder of the Group, whose companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of INDUSTEAM SA, which acts as President.

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INDUSTEAM's locations in France and Romania