Our sectors of industry

Diversification forms the backbone of the Industeam Group's development strategy:
No sector of industry represents more than a third of the Group's business.


Maintenance and new build services for leaders in the global steel market.

Design engineering for production and finishing lines. Automated handling systems. Automatic finishing lines for rolled products. Installation of sheet metal rolling mills, decoilers and finishing lines.

Applications in the Building industry – Rolling mills for sheet piling and joists; rolling mills for small bars and rebars; lines for sandwich panels, metal coverings, cladding and weatherboarding. Transfer and reinstallation of lines abroad.

Applications in the Automotive industry – Sheet metal treatment and finishing lines; cutting-edge galvanisation lines (Usibor-based sheet metal); automatic finishing lines for rolled products.


Nuclear industry – Pump and rotating machinery maintenance; opening of turbine bodies across all French nuclear power plants.

Energy Transition – Specialised in installing new-generation biomass power plants, development of handling systems for new fuels – Installation of turbines, HP/LP/MP piping engineering – Structural steelwork engineering – geothermal energy installations - Hydroelectric maintenance.

Industeam has forged a reputation for installing biomass power plants in French overseas territories. This sector will undergo exponential growth in 2021.

Tyre OEMs

Engineering and installation of tyre production plants for the world's top two OEMs:

  • Fabrication, platform-based testing, on-site installation, commissioning of rubber mixing and tyre assembly lines
  • Installation and commissioning of extrusion lines
  • Production line transfers

Global activities - production sites in China, India, Brazil, United States, Thailand, Poland, Mexico, Germany and Luxembourg.


  • Studies, fabrication and on-site installation of assembly platforms for cockpits and fuselages
  • Studies and fabrication of special machinery - forming presses for aircraft fuselages, automatic welding frame for fuselage elements
  • Studies, fabrication and on-site assembly of automated systems for handling, storing and distributing aircraft panels on machining lines – panel station

The impact on revenue in the Aviation industry is less than 5%.


  • Engineering, fabrication and installation of assembly and maintenance platforms for wagons and locomotives.
  • Maintenance of rolling stock (coupling and braking systems, protective pagodas on wagons – modification to fire protection and safety systems on locomotives, etc.)
  • Fabrication of production parts for rolling stock (equipment for high-speed train sets)

On-site maintenance activities for Eurotunnel and its main rolling stock suppliers.

Food & drink

Maintenance activities for food process piping at production sites – sectors: brewery, chocolate, ice cream and sorbets, pet food, vegan proteins, etc.

Maintenance activities for automated process control systems on production lines, including biscuits, perfumes and glassware.

Cement plants

Maintenance activities for cement production assets – mechanics, structural steelwork, piping.

Engineering, construction and installation of product handling systems – raw materials, finished product bagging - Design of automated overhead cranes and unloading systems for bulk product containers.

Chemicals and petrochemicals

Site maintenance and annual shutdown services across the Hauts de France region at facilities classed as upper-tier establishments according to the Seveso Directive.

Industeam's personnel oversaw one annual shutdown in 2020 (five weeks) alongside an external contractor, representing up to 115 employees on site – mechanical engineering, structural steelwork, safety measures, changes in storage equipment, piping, and so on Safety performance with zero accidents.

No customer within these sectors of industry individually represents more than 10% of the Group's global revenue.

A Miscellaneous sector, incorporating a number of specialities other than those described above, represents 25% of the Group's revenue alone.

Consequently, the various fluctuations sweeping the crisis-hit sectors of industry have a moderate effect on the stability of Industeam's performance. This is fully supported by a deliberate decision to strike a balance between engineering activities (53%) and maintenance activities (47%), which ensures our Group's long-term prospects.