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Core businesses

Turnkey development

The INDUSTEAM Group, an engineering and industrial services enterprise, offers a turnkey development service for manufacturing production equipment and maintaining industrial machinery.

This activity focuses on giving end customers access to all the resources and disciplines that they require to lead their turnkey projects:

  • Studies
  • Manufacturing
  • Test assemblies
  • Shipping
  • Onsite installation
  • Industrial commissioning
  • Maintenance


ERIEM is the INDUSTEAM Group's mechanical design office.

ERIEM carries out design and detailed studies on the mechanical equipment intended for our customers and oversees project management through to commissioning by leveraging the resources of the Group's other entities.

Acting within INDUSTEAM Nord, INDUSTEAM Automation provides design studies and also manufactures and commissions the industrial automated systems accompanying the Group's turnkey development projects.

INDUSTEAM France manages piping studies for the INDUSTEAM Group's Industrial Piping Department.


Mechanical assemblies, structural steelwork and sheet metal work are carried out in full by the Group's subcontractors. The Group can draw strength from a network of manufacturers in low-cost countries, including Romania, Slovakia and China.

SFAMAC, an INDUSTEAM Group subsidiary, runs a mechanical engineering and sheet metal workshop for maintenance and new build operations in the local area.

Prefabricated hydraulic pipelines and energy networks are fully produced within INDUSTEAM France's Piping Department with support from the EUROPE ENVIRONNEMENT subsidiary.

Onsite assembly

The INDUSTEAM GroupINDUSTEAM Group has its own onsite assembly and installation equipment for all our new equipment installation projects. Internal supervision begins as early as the test assembly and platform test phases on our subcontractors' premises.

Industrial commissioning

The combination of activities within INDUSTEAM Group means that we can provide customers with end-to-end support in deploying the equipment that we have specifically manufactured for their needs.


The Group has developed maintenance activities in its leading sectors, namely the steel, energy, railway and pulp & paper industries.

A department specifically concentrating on the energy industry has acquired the required authorisations and undertaken the necessary training to provide services at shutdown nuclear power plants.

The recent addition of ALCYON Industrie dovetails seamlessly with the Group's maintenance activities by providing a gateway to new sectors of industry.

INDUSTEAM carried out 550,000 hours of project services (new builds and maintenance) in 2019.

Industrial transfers

This field of expertise offered by the INDUSTEAM Group encompasses a broad spectrum of operations, from moving machinery and reorganising workflows in production units through to relocating entire factories abroad. The Group can draw on its turnkey development activities to fully recommission installations that have sometimes been modified or reinforced with additional machines to complement the pre-existing lines.

Industrial model

Internal skills encompass design studies, project leadership, production supervision and assembly testing, worksite assembly supervision, speciality mechanics and pipelines (HP piping, metering and alignment controls), automated systems design and industrial commissioning.

The Group also has external resources and a low-cost policy for detailed design studies, the manufacture of mechanical and electrical parts, assembly and workshop platform testing, and onsite assembly.