logo Industeam Nord

This entity was created to address the same needs of the industrial market in the Hauts-de-France region.

Its activities are mainly centred on maintenance and the production of small plant in response to routine service requests. INDUSTEAM Nord stands out within the Group insofar as it develops activities in the railway and port sectors.

The company is a recognised service provider to Eurotunnel for maintenance operations and improving safety on rolling stock, including wagon couplings, braking systems, fire protection systems for locomotives and passenger wagons, and physical protection for onboard trucks.

INDUSTEAM Nord takes part in work aimed at improving port infrastructures (Calais Boulogne).

These activities are also relayed in a different geographical area to the Nord region – Douai and Valenciennes – with a permanent workshop based in Corbehem and such sectors of activity as metallurgy, petrochemicals, motor vehicles, pulp & paper and sugar refineries.

Finally, INDUSTEAM Nord is supported by the INDUSTEAM Automation Division, which is based in Leulinghem just outside Saint Omer. INDUSTEAM Automation accompanies the Group's turnkey development activities for the steel industry and tyre OEMs. It is also involved in improving automated systems for production lines in new sectors of industry, thereby giving the Group access to new customers in a number of markets, including food & drink, glass and perfumery.