The Industeam Group continues to grow in 2021

Faithful to its strategy, Industeam spearheaded a major external growth initiative culminating in October 2020, which involved the acquisition of three companies – two in Luxembourg (DSD Luxembourg and Imécolux) and one in France (Sécométal).

The first two acquisitions reflect the Group's determination to broaden and future-proof its strong industrial maintenance activities across Luxembourg and Benelux. They will establish Industeam's leadership in maintenance, mechanical engineering, structural steelwork and piping activities in this area.

Sécométal has not only built its reputation in the metallurgical industry, but also delivers services in the specific market for canal and waterway maintenance, as well as in the hydroelectric sector, which will significantly ramp up Industeam's activities in the field of energy transition investments.

These acquisitions would not have been possible without the backing of the top-tier banks and financial partners supporting the Group, especially at the international level, whose trust in our company has been inspired by our financial performance since its creation. Another factor that sealed the operations' success was the agreement between the seller and buyer on the proposed industrial strategy and the future that lies in store for the acquired companies.

In particular, these acquisitions will bolster our Group's human capital and strengthen our on-the-ground presence. The additional 170 employees will increase our workforce to over 700 people. In terms of business volume, we are anticipating to achieve revenue of €100 million in 2021.

Our acquisitions will also perpetuate the Group's image as a recognised force for leading projects focusing on energy transition, green energy and environmentally friendly investments.

This development heralds the challenge of successfully incorporating these new companies into our Group, which involves engaging all employees with the Group's values and implementing the systems to manage our activities, as well as the quality and safety objectives that represent management's top priority.